By: Elizabeth Knight

You know that feeling you get, a warm fuzzy glow, the feeling of joy and optimism, sometimes maybe a little restless and anxious, too. Winter is coming to an end and Spring is just over the horizon. Sunny days and cool breezy nights will have you aching for a day out in the sun. It’s Spring Fever and we have got the cure for you!

The Swamp virtually comes ALIVE this time of year. Flowers and trees are in bloom, the grasses are greening and the birds are singing. Our resident gators enjoy lounging on the banks soaking up the sun while visitors to the park lavish them with attention and snacks. No, not their fingers and toes, but turtle and gator food available for purchase. The wood ducks have been busy setting up housekeeping in their boxes throughout the swamp and I have it on good authority the wild turkeys are back in town.

Come on out and see for yourself what a little fun in the sun can do for your Spring Fever. We’ve got the cure for what ails you. Call or make your reservations online.