New Youtube Channel! [wpv-post-author]   [wpv-post-date]   Hey Folks! Since y’all like our icy alligator video so much, we made an update video of our scaly friends. Check out our new Youtube channel! Don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button! Both videos are down below! Would you like to learn more? Follow the link below!… Read more »

Wetland Animals Surviving 2018’s Sub-freezing Winter!

[wpv-post-author]   [wpv-post-date]   Oh, Father winter, how you constantly remind us of the season!  You’ll probably find yourself all bundle up, and sipping on hot cocoa while the world outside has a bitter chill. But what do animals do when winter arrives? Don’t they have a nice cozy home with central heating? Aren’t they all snuggled up, and sleeping under a snow tip pine tree with an open lit fire?  … Read more »